About us

As a team of "Surpriseyou", consisting of two young men, Thomas & Benjamin, we were already after our vocational training to start their own business. Since we always agreed with our "company" to solve a problem, we came after a few months on the idea of ​​"Surpriseyou" to found.

The idea builds on the problem: "What do I give someones a birthday". So we want to offer more inspiration for gift ideas!
In the middle of 2019, the Surpriseyou shop got an update, all about special gadgets (be sure to be one step ahead).

Our journey into entrepreneurship began in mid-2017 with the self-employment in the field of "Marketing". Since we both noticed early on that we complement each other on a friendly as well as professional basis very well, our common visions grew ever larger. In our time of self-employment, we were able to gain a great deal of knowledge and skills for us, and with the right foundation "Surpriseyou" we gave the starting signal!

Surpriseyou is a brand with a sustainable background!
Our manufacturer is located within the EU and thus we can promise our customers tested goods and best quality according to EU directives and guarantee 2 - 7 working days shipping! (changes reserved)

We always try to expand our range according to our "motto" & are very feedback oriented, so if you have any suggestions or wishes, please contact us!
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